Montag, 1. April 2013

Pans in Niigata, 24-hour shops and the mystery of air conditioners

All of this is based on what I experience and doesn't necessarily describe the true nature of Japan/japanese people.

And, well...
I arrived at Niigata, three super nice students got me and brought me to my apartement. Which is pretty beautiful, still bigger then I had feared and...without any cooking utensils.
So we went to a supermarket and bought a pan, a rice bowl, a soup bowl, some eating sticks, a knife (no forks needed here), my breakfast for tomorrow (toast and marmelade, soooo japanese xD) and dinner for today. They invited themselves in (something that is supposed to be rare in Japan, but I'm european, so why should I care?) and we ate together.
Shrimpsalad, baked chicken, vegetables with joghurt, cheese sticks and bread where the ham and the chocolate is INSIDE the bread. We sat on the ground around my little table and ate and talked. And I have to say: it was a lot of fun. I had feared that japanese people might be a bit shy or quiet, but no. They asked me questions, we talked to each other, they tried to speak german (Drrrrrrrrei) and I explained what horrible japanese I had heard in Germany (like "Za-Zus-Ke" instead of "Saske" for the japanese name Sasuke).
We will meet tomorrow at 9 and finish my registration (and maybe get me a bike).
Oh and I noticed that my power adapter is wrong xD" I have the problem that my PC might suffer from electricity loss soon...

But oh well, I later tried out one of those famous convenience stores that are open for 24h. Well, it was open at 10pm and also pretty full. I got some crisps since I had just left out of boredom and when I returned I realized that the room is fricking cold. Well, I can read Hiragana, but my air conditioner is full of Kanji, making it impossible for me to actually know what that I would press there...
So I will go to bed straight (yep, no japanese bath, but mainly because there isn't anything in, I don't have a washing seat, no bowl, nothing :'D). The futon feels pretty hard, so I will see how my back will feel tomorrow, I guess ;)

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